There are no words to describe it but we will try.

Our wedding day:

The best and the most magical day of our lives. Why?… Hmm..
It wasn’t just because the day turned up to be sunny with turquoise blue skies. Neither because the venue was a hidden gem in the rainforest overlooking the ocean, where the lost sea breeze caressed our souls.

It was the best day of our lives because there we were, standing next to each other hand in hand, feeling immensely lucky, blessed and complete. It was the best day of our lives because we were surrounded with unconditional love, friends and family.

And that is I guess why we started with wedding photography : LOVE – The universal language, the thing that connects us all, the strongest force the world possesses.

As photographers and as people we are drawn to natural light, creative details, pure and honest emotions. Our focus is to capture your unique story in timeless photography… to capture the fragile, flawing moment in time before it disappears like a morning dew in the rain.

And now lets talk business:

Why book us? Ultimately we hope you don’t book us just because we fit into your budget and are in your area. We want you to love our work and feel good in our company. We want to work with people that become our friends.

Here are few more interesting facts about us…

Conrad (CJ): Blond hair/green eyes, ex-Dentist, Skydiver with experience in sports photography/video.

Michaela: Tall just over 30 years old 😀 Master degree in performing arts, love to take pictures from travels and nature (and many more things as I always carry a camera on my shoulder). Conrad is the technical dude and she is the artist.

“I (Conrad) never run out of ice-cream, and I never ironed my clothes in my life (lucky Michaela is doing it for me for past 7 years). On the other hand, Michaela actually likes ironing, loooves anything in connection with the beach and doesn’t like to read and follow any kinds of manuals 😀 “

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